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Get Connected and Protected.
With powerful McAfee protection, you get comprehensive, automatic defense for every connected device on your home network.
Go online without putting your privacy and security on the line.    


D-Link McAfee Protection

Cybercriminals are Eyeing Your Smart Home

You need network security backed by McAfee that gives you automatic, end-to-end protection for every connected device on your home network. It’s the smart way to stay ahead of the bad guys 24/7.

Get Comprehensive Network Protection
Whether at Home or On The Go

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence

McAfee’s powerful network protection features McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI)—an ever-expanding cybersecurity service that identifies and blocks emerging threats. 

McAfee GTI contains more than 25 years of threat data, 
and uses cloud-based machine learning to update the threat database in real-time. 
It’s smart home defense that never sleeps.


Get Alerts to Suspicious Connections in Real Time

Get Alerts to Suspicious Connections in Real Time

You never know what your devices are trying to connect to behind your back. 

Now when any virus or malicious software gets too close to your network, you’ll automatically receive a notification in real time, so you can take action immediately.


Why Do I Need Home Network Protection?

Why Do I Need Home Network Protection?

Newsflash! Most smart home devices aren’t built to be secure. This means everything from connected thermostats and baby monitors, to gaming systems and smart devices – anything that connects to the Internet – is a potential gateway for attack. 

With the power of McAfee protection in the palm of your hand, you can now protect your home network in real-time. With cloud-based machine learning, device fingerprinting, and a ton of other advanced security features, your family stays connected - and protected. 


Network Protection that Works With Alexa

Network Protection that Works With Alexa1

Command, control and defend your network with the power of your voice. With Amazon™ Alexa™ integration, you can now check what’s up with your network - hands-free!

Stay Ahead of the Bad Guys in Real Time, 24/7

Malicious Site Blocking

Malicious Site Blocking

Check every connection to the Internet from every device, 
and block connections to bad websites—before your network is compromised.

Hide your Devices from Hackers

Hide your Devices from Hackers

Advanced network controls let you secure your router
and protect all connected devices from outside network access.

Away Mode

Away Mode

Prevent selected devices on your network from connecting
to the internet while you are away from home.

IoT Anomaly and Botnet Detection

IoT Anomaly and Botnet Detection

Detect abnormal Internet of Things (IoT) device behavior, 
find anomalies in real time, and block suspicious connections.



Comprehensive Parental Controls Without the Complaints

Stop settling for just a handful of parental controls. 
Get a system of comprehensive controls that turn into a way of life with less complaining and more compliance. 


You’re not enforcing the rules.
It's the system that enforces them for you.

Incredible Value, Priceless Protection

Enjoy free, advanced internet protection with McAfee® Secure Home Platform, and McAfee® LiveSafe™.
Give your family the best in internet protection for years to come.


Cloud-based McAfee Global
Threat Intelligence database
Device Fingerprinting
IoT threat detection
Vulnerability scan
Home Away mode
Powerful parental controls
Install McAfee anti-virus on
computers and mobile devices
McAfee® WebAdvisor
PC Boost
Password Manager
File Lock
Unlimited installations
Included Free Subscription 5 Years 2 Years

How do D-Link routers with McAfee Protection stack up against the rest?

With FREE 5 years of subscription to McAfee® Secure Home Platform, and FREE 2 years of subscription to McAfee® LiveSafe™, it's easy to see why other internet security systems might give you the short end of the stick.

D-Link routers with McAfee Protection stack up against the rest

Award-Winning Cybersecurity
Backed by McAfee

Awarded Best of MWC 2018

"Best Alexa Skill" category, recognizing Secure Home Platform as "... a big step forward"

Awarded Best of MWC 2017

creator of the "best security innovation" at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

2017 Showstoppers Award

"delivering proactive and proven security solutions and services around the world."

McAfee Protection Works with these Routers



  1. Alexa control commands for McAfee protection require both an Alexa-enabled device and a compatible D-Link router with the corresponding Alexa skill enabled. Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
  2. McAfee LiveSafe can be installed on PC, Max OS X, Android and iOS devices. Please check the McAfee LiveSafe website for the latest list of supported operating systems.

    McAfee and the McAfee logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of McAfee, LLC or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Copyright ©2018 McAfee, LLC